Building a highly desirable brand

Every company that markets a product or service longs to develop a brand that is instantly recognizable through simply a logo, such as the V-like check of a prominent sport company. Even better than just recognition comes the values that may be associated with the product. If any time your product is mentioned in conversation people shake their heads and say that the manufacturing is faulty and the product is unreliable, there is a significant problem with your brand. The solution is in better manufacturing if the problem is real, but sometimes it is the public’s opinion that’s wrong. Unfortunately, incorrect information gets around quickly and, before you know it, your brand is tarnished. This is where a good brand marketing agency is needed to ensure that you take the right steps to improve the image of your brand.

Getting the associations you want with your brand
If you think about designer clothing, you will immediately understand the true value of branding. If you compare two articles, such as a purse, and look at the cost of producing the product, often there will be little difference. Both can be made of high quality leather, both can have good fasteners and well-laid out inners, but one purse will sell for up to ten times the price of the other. The only reason for the difference in price is the branding of the product and the perceived value of owning a highly desirable brand.

How are these highly desirable brands created?
Branding takes times and companies need to work with a brand marketing agency to work out a strategy that will create certain feelings and attributes connected to their product or service over time. There are multiple ways of doing this, and celebrity endorsements are part of it. If we see a celebrity wearing certain clothes, using certain sporting equipment, or eating certain brands of food, we start to imagine that we will be able to emulate their glamorous lifestyle if we can somehow use those brands as well.

Brands must be backed up with sound technology – for example, a car that breaks down a lot and has several recalls will not be able to be seen as a reliable brand however much money it spends on advertising campaigns to try to convince the public. However, the real genius of branding is when a product is good but is made to seem so desirable in the eyes of the public that they will pay exorbitant sums of money for one product that really is not much better than another with a far lower price tag.

Building a powerful brand for your product or service is best achieved through a brand marketing agency. Contact Finch Brands for expert advice and assistance.



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