Buying Fresh Seafood From Sustainable and Reliable Suppliers

by | Nov 9, 2021 | Business

Premium Seafood Supply

When shopping for fresh seafood from fishermen or fisheries, you should consider several major issues beyond cost. First, you should verify the fishing and catching methods of your supplier based on local, national and international regulations. When buying Alaska smoked salmon sockeye, consider the sustainability of the product in the short and long terms. Such a highly prized fish should be caught and processed based on rigorous methods. The most environmentally friendly fishing procedures have minimal impacts on other marine wildlife in the protected waters of Alaska and other surrounding regions. Ideally, the Alaska smoked salmon sockeye should be frozen immediately to preserve the freshness and nutrients for processing, shipping and selling. This type of high-quality fish could also be smoked and treated with special preservatives for a longer shelf life at markets and stores.

Nutrients and Health Benefits

The Alaska smoked salmon sockeye is rich in an array of important dietary nutrients, especially essential fatty acids. Extensive laboratory analysis can prove the high content of omega fats that are naturally found in this wild-caught fish. Such unsaturated fats have various benefits in terms of cardiovascular health and overall immunity. For example, omega fatty acids can reduce inflammation in different parts of your body. Of course, sockeye salmon is also packed with plenty of lean protein, which helps you build and maintain muscle mass. When buying a smoked product with this type of fish, you should look for labels with relatively low sodium content.

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