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Capitalization Tables: What They Are And The Experienced Experts In Utah Who Can Help

Managing one’s business can sometimes get exhausting and overwhelming, especially when it comes to the financial aspects of running it. The fine details like equity, capital, value, and many more are compiled on what-seems-to-be endless amounts of spreadsheets. One may wonder how to manage it all, especially if you are a startup or a developing business that may be in its early stages. You may begin to hear about the term capitalization table when dealing with investors and shareholders. Today, we will talk about capitalization tables, what they are, and a company in Salt Lake City that can help.

Capitalization Tables

Capitalization tables or cap tables are spreadsheets that show the equity capitalization of your company. These very spreadsheets help potential and current investors or shareholders learn about your company’s asset performance, capital structure, and working capital. It is to help your company gain and maintain investors and shareholders while also providing investors valuable insight into the strength of your company which means investment quality.

Experts To Help You Manage

Perhaps, you are seeking a professional company that can help create, manage and maintain your company’s cap tables. Visit the professionals at Colonial Stock Transfer Company, Inc. They offer their expertise in all things cap table management. They have been helping clients and businesses like you with cap table management since 1987.

Typical Cap Tables

A typical cap table will include information like names of investors, number of shares, the price per share, authorized shares, outstanding shares, percent of the total, total value, equity raised, and ownership percentage to just mention a few.

So, when looking for expert professionals to help you, they should be the ones you call. For more information, visit Colonial Stock Transfer Company, Inc. at



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