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CBD the Sequel: Why and Where to Get Delta 8 Carts Today, Near You

CBD, or cannabidiol, is the closest sibling to THC, the cannabis plant’s favorite, most potent, couch-locking child. Unlike THC, CBD is non-psychoactive, so it won’t make you high. That is, it’s not supposed to make you high. As a result, CBD is legal. Under the law in many states, quite a few non-psychoactive compounds derived from cannabis are still legal. Delta 8, or delta-8, is one such compound. What is it, how does it work, and where do you buy Delta 8 carts in Tennessee? Here’s your quick intro to delta-8.

THC by Another Name

THC, the cannabis plant ingredient that makes you high, comes in many different forms called isomers. Isomers are sibling-like compounds with exactly the same formula and number of atoms. However, the atoms have different arrangements in each compound. When the compound undergoes a specific amount of heat exposure, say, from your body, it eventually becomes delta-9, the form of THC that makes you float.

Since delta-8 is merely an isomer, it’s perfectly legal. Like other cannabis products and cannabis derivatives, it’s available in a wide variety of delivery systems: flower, edible and topical. Each delivery system entails a plethora of product types. Which product types? Exploring the possibilities is half the fun. Here’s a brief look at what to expect.

Smoke, Eat or Rub: Ways to Dose THC

Delta 8 carts in Tennessee provide a safe, clean way to smoke THC. Of course, there’s flower available if you’re more old school. Vape carts create no combustion byproducts, making them a cleaner alternative. Topical products deliver delta-8 through the skin, interacting with your peripheral endocannabinoid receptors. With edibles, the sky’s the limit: explore capsules, gummies, tinctures and powders.



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