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Choosing A Boston SEO Agency

For any business in Boston with an older website, which includes anything more than a few years old, it is well worth having a Boston SEO agency complete a review of the site.

This will be particularly important if you have noted a drop in new visitors to the site, a decrease in conversions, fewer pages viewed on the site or an issue with the site dropping in rankings on the search engine results page (SERP).

In many cases, older sites do not meet the requirements of the new Google algorithms, which are always changing. Through the assistance of the SEO agency, modifications and changes can be made to address those issues and bring the website back into compliance to again move up the rankings.

Choosing a top Boston SEO Agency is more than just picking a top name on the results page. It also involves working with a company willing to go the extra mile to create a top website with all the benefits of the latest in SEO.

A First Assessment

The SEO company should provide direct feedback about your website, not just generic issues. They will be able to let you know if the navigation, structure and link profiles may need to be modified or upgraded. They will also provide information on keyword issues and if there are meta changes, such as photo tags and descriptions, which are missing and need to be added.

Examples of Work

Ask the SEO agency to provide a brief case study of a current project they have completed. This should include information about the changes they provided for the site and the result of those changes in quantified, measurable terms.

Ideally, look for an SEO company with an experienced staff and expertise on past projects in your general industry. This can be very helpful in determining how easily they can develop keywords and website structure not just to address SEO, but to meet the needs of your target audience.



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