Common Plastic Sheet Printing Uses in Consumer Industry Applications

by | Dec 3, 2021 | Plastic Fabrication Company

When functional and easily portable materials are needed for consumer industry products, plastic sheet printing is the best choice of products. These plastic products are used in a variety of industries, thanks to their durability and flexibility.

Types of Consumer Industries Using Plastic Sheet Printing

Plastic sheets can be used in the following types of industries:

• Household cleaning products

• Cosmetics

• Hardware

• Electronics

• Home appliances

• Vehicle parts

• Hygiene products

Uses of High-Impact Polystyrene

High-Impact Polystyrene is a lightweight plastic with the noted properties of being resistant to chemicals and having high durability. The product is also recyclable. High-Impact Polystyrene is used for displays, retail decorations, store tags, and signs. The benefit of using this type of plastic is that you can choose custom types based on your need for ink adhesion. This type of plastic is also easy to cut and form. Business owners also love the affordable price of high-impact polystyrene.

PETG Usage

When used in consumer applications, PETG is widely used for signs and displays. Another major use of PETG are thermoformed trays, a product that is designed to reduce the movability of medical parts. These trays keep the medical tools safe from the outside environment. Although typically made out of white or clear colors, PETG is also available in customized colors.

Polycarbonate Uses

For consumer applications that require tough plastic with extra durability, polycarbonate is used. Medical packaging is a very common use of polycarbonate, though outdoor signs and displays also frequently use polycarbonate. The material is also versatile because it can withstand a variety of temperatures.

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