Concrete Sidewalk Repair Companies in Minnesota Fix Cracks for Customers

Concrete sidewalk repair companies in Minnesota help their customers avoid having to replace old pavement whenever possible. Cracking is a common issue with sidewalks on residential property, especially if no expansion joints were included. Those joints are nearly always present on city sidewalks in front of the home, making the pavement significantly less likely to crack. Relatively short, narrower sections of concrete elsewhere on the lot might develop this problem, however.

Small Flaws

Small fissures in concrete tend to happen relatively soon after pouring. The problem is more likely when a property owner decides to install a sidewalk or other feature as a do-it-yourself project. The technique may not be quite suitable. Weather conditions can lead to future problems too.

Larger Cracks

Larger fissures that appear later tend to happen suddenly and, usually, for no apparent reason. This can be caused by normal ground shifts and settling. Repair workers resolve the issue for their customer.


Workers with concrete sidewalk repair companies in Minnesota patch cracks using specialized materials. They enlarge the fissure and clear away soil, plant growth and general debris. After making sure the gap is totally dry, the workers add a fill substance.


Although municipalities own sidewalks near the road on residential land, the property owners are responsible for maintenance. If a crack develops in one portion, the workers might recommend breaking up that piece and replacing it. The new material will be a bit darker since the existing pavement has faded, but that’s considered a minor issue.



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