Custom Designed Smoking Shelters

For a private business, a public location or for any type of venue where smokers and non-smokers need to be accommodated, having a smoking shelter provides the ideal solution. This smaller outdoor building will create shelter from the elements, providing a safe, dry and comfortable space well away from entrances and building exists.

Custom designed smoking shelters are typically designed to shelter a small to a large number of individuals and to provide an enjoyable, open experience to enjoy a smoke. They can be designed to match the architecture of a building or to blend into the landscaping for a discrete place for smokers to get away. They will also need to be designed to meet local regulations.

Considerations in Materials

The most common materials used in smoking shelters are glass, and steel or aluminium. Aluminium is an ideal option as it is durable and strong while also being lightweight. Aluminium is also highly resistant to any type of rusting or corrosion, and it can be powder coated or anodized to create a colour match with the building and the surrounding features.

The same is true with the galvanised steel. Naturally resistant to any type of oxidation, it is a long-lasting, durable metal that will stand up to rain, snow and even exposure to pollution without any loss of aesthetics. It can also be finished to match any requirements of the surrounding area.

Often, both aluminium and steel are used in the construction of the smoking shelters. Steel is used for the structural framework and aluminium for the roof and additional features. Glass is used to provide a more open area and to also increase the safety for those using the smoking shelter by providing increased visibility.

The ideal bespoke design of any of these shelters will be one that complements the private property or the public location. Working closely with a top metal fabricator will ensure the shelter design is just what is required for the specific location.



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