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Dangerous Pests that Require Removal by Pest Exterminators in Auburn, WA

One hole in the home can become a highway to pests. Once they find that they like your home, they will stay. It can be difficult to get rid of them. Unfortunately, there are some pests that you should never try to handle yourself. This is because their bites and scratches carry diseases that can easily spread to humans. Thus, you should call in the exterminators.

One type of pest that likes invading homes through small holes in the attic or roof is squirrels. Because squirrels are climbers and hoarders, they will utilize any space available to them to store up their winter stock. Often, there will be more than one hiding in that space especially if they found a good spot. Squirrels also like to chew on electrical lines which could put your house at risk for a fire. Removing these pests requires the Pest Exterminators in Auburn, WA.

Another pest that likes to invade underneath homes and enters walls is the raccoon. In most cases, the raccoon is looking for an easy food source. Sometimes, a pregnant raccoon is just looking for a safe place to have babies. In either case, your home quickly becomes their new home. Raccoons are notoriously hard to catch and even more difficult to capture. When cornered, they become vicious. That’s why only a professional should attempt to remove them.

Bats are a notorious creature that finds solace in the attic during the daytime hours. However, they bring certain diseases with them. Since they are flying creatures, they can be extremely difficult to catch. They can also bite if they are cornered. Their waste can also carry diseases. While bats really aren’t the scary creatures they are made out to be, their speed and size are an advantage at evading capture. That is why you should leave it to the Pest Exterminators in Auburn, WA.

These are some of the pests that you should never attempt to capture on your own. If you discover one of these creatures, call Long Pest Control to remove them from your home. They are equipped to handle this type of removal.



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