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Different Types of Services Available With Crop Spraying in Grant County, WI

If you’ve got acres and acres of crops, then you know how difficult it can be to treat sprawling farmscapes. Fortunately, crop spraying in Grant County WI is available to help you treat your entire crop, no matter how spread out it is. Below, you’ll find some of the services available to you when you decide to choose crop spraying as a method of treatment.

Herbicide Spraying

Herbicides are essentially weed killers. Without them, countless weeds would spring up anywhere you’ve got crops and begin to steal their nutrients while steadily choking them out and interfering with their growth. Two main types of herbicides exist: selective and non-selective. The selective types target specific weeds and leaves your crops unharmed. However, non-selective herbicides take out everything they touch and are used often for clearing large swaths of land.

Insecticide Spraying

Two types of insecticides are available for aerial spraying: contact and systemic. Contact insecticides kill insects through direct contact. However, systemic varieties incorporate themselves into the plant, poisoning the insect when it ingests plant material.

Fungicide Spraying

Fungi are the leading cause of crop destruction worldwide. Fungicides can either be contact, systemic or trans laminar, which effectively redistribute chemicals found on the tops of leaves to their bottoms.

Fertilizer Spraying

Liquid and dry fertilizers can both be applied though crop spraying in Grant County, WI. Both types are effective, but liquid fertilizers are a bit easier to manage and apply to crops compared to their dry counterparts.



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