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Do You Qualify for a Lifeline Government Phone in Georgia?

Paying for a cell phone may feel like a luxury, but in today’s society, it has become a necessity. Unfortunately, that doesn’t help when you don’t have enough money left over each month to pay a cell phone bill. With the government’s help, you may qualify for a Lifeline government phone in Georgia. This program provides a free cell phone and plan to qualified individuals and families.

How Do You Qualify?

The first question many people have about a Lifeline government phone in Georgia is how they can qualify for the program. Many people who take advantage of the program are already on other government assistance programs, such as food stamps, Section 8 housing, or Medicaid. Individuals on SSI can also qualify for the program. In addition to those who are on government assistance programs, households making at or below 135 percent of the federal poverty guideline can also qualify for a free phone and plan from the government.

Maintaining Qualifications

The goal of getting a Lifeline government phone in Georgia at no charge is to help you get on your feet and improve your quality of life without overstretching your income. As long as you maintain your qualifications, such as other government assistance programs or staying within the income guidelines, you can take advantage of the free phone and plan. Affordable recharge plans are also available to help individuals get all the features they need for their cell phones.

If you think you qualify for a Lifeline government phone in Georgia, visit the Infiniti Mobile website to apply.



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