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Etiquette For First-Timers To A Bar In Santa Monica

Santa Monica is known for its relaxed and casual atmosphere, but that does not mean there are not any rules to follow when enjoying a night out at one of the area’s many bars. To help you avoid any potential awkwardness, you need to learn proper etiquette for visiting a bar in Santa Monica. Above all else, just remember to relax and have fun.

Paying Your Tab

At the end of the night, you will need to settle your tab with the bartender. At a bar in Santa Monica, it is considered good etiquette to leave a tip of around 15-20% of the total bill. Tipping in cash is always appreciated, but if you are paying by card, be sure to let the bartender know how much you would like to tip so that they can add it to the bill before you sign. 

Ordering Drinks

When ordering drinks, it is best to be as specific as possible. Bartenders are mixology experts and can make just about anything you can imagine, so do not be afraid to ask for something off-menu. If you are not sure what you want, simply telling the bartender your preferred liquor and whether you would like something sweet or strong will usually suffice. 

Minding Your Manners

While Santa Monica bars are generally laid-back places, there are still some basic manners that should be observed. For instance, it is impolite to shout across the bar at someone, especially if the bar is crowded. Instead, walk up to whomever you are trying to talk to and introduce yourself. Of course, do not forget to say please and thank you when ordering drinks. 

After a few rounds, it is also important not to get too rowdy–bars reserve the right to refuse service or ask customers who are causing a disturbance to leave. So be sure to keep your voice down and save any dancing for after the last call.



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