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Five Major Goals of Physical Therapy

If you have suffered an injury or are recovering from surgery, your physician may recommend physical therapy. Doctors see this approach as one that is beneficial to a variety of injured and recovering individuals. In fact, some recommend to those living in Asheville, Physical Therapy as a means of avoiding surgery.

Five Goals of Physical Therapy

For those undergoing physical therapy, the goals may vary, but only slightly and in degrees. To a physical therapist, the ultimate goal is to assist the client in achieving the best possible outcome. In Asheville, physical therapy has five significant goals.

1. Reduce any pain the client is feeling

2. Help improve physical alignment

3. Improve the overall function of the body and the individual

4. Improve such physical characteristics as flexibility, strength and mobility

5. Help the client recover from or avoid surgical interventions

With these goals in mind, a physical therapist sets to work to create a program designed to meet the specific needs and requirements of the client. He or she employs a variety of techniques including exercises of diverse types.

On the Right Track

It does not matter whether you have undergone surgery or have decided to consider options, In Asheville, physical therapy can and does serve a specific purpose in your route to recovery. It may teach you an entirely new way of moving your body – a way that will help you to improve your level of motion while leading you back into a world free of pain with restored functions.



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