Animal Removal,

Full Service Animal Control in Columbus, OH

Although wildlife is beautiful to see in the right setting, it’s not always so pleasant to see a forest or backyard critter in your home or business. If you require animal control in Columbus, OH, whether it be at your private residence or in an office building, we can send professional trappers as early as the day of your initial call.

Humane Treatment of All Animals

For more than 20 years, our experienced trappers have captured nuisance wildlife of all sizes and species. Whether you have a bat, squirrel, opossum, chipmunk, coyote, fox or any other number of creatures, we have surely captured it and safely released it back into its rightful habitat. State, local and wildlife laws dictate what actions we can take with an animal once it’s been captured, so as long as there is a safe place for them to go, we will make sure they make it back to their proper home.

Extended Services

Our animal control in Columbus, OH not only takes care of capturing, removing and relocating an animal we also make sure that any damage done to your home is properly repaired and treated so that the invasion of a creature is less likely to occur. If the animal left any feces or biohazards behind our team of trappers are also available to clean and sanitize any soiled areas of your home or business at your request and added expense.

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