Getting Ready for Eye Exams in Colorado Springs, CO

After realizing that it has been a couple of years since the last visit to an optometrist, scheduling an appointment for an eye exam should be a priority. Once the exam is scheduled, it pays to make some advanced preparations. Here are some tips that will make undergoing eye exams in Colorado Springs, CO an easy task.

Preparing a List of Health Issues and Medications

Prior to the appointment date, sit down and make a list of any health issues that are currently being treated. This includes any chronic conditions like type 2 diabetes that were diagnosed since the last visit. The eye professional will want to keep that information in mind while conducting the exam. This is because some health issues can impact the function of the eyes.

Remember to include a list of all medications currently taken for those conditions. Some of the side effects may include changes in visual acuity and other serious vision problems. Since Eye Exams in Colorado Springs, CO can result in the need to adjust an eyeglass prescription, the professional needs to be aware of anything that could be causing any temporary issue with the eyes.

Taking a Friend Along

Remember that the process of examining the eyes and identifying any eye problems will require dilating the pupils. For a few hours after the exam is complete, the quality of the vision may not be normal. Rather than getting behind the wheel after an exam, take a friend along. The friend can drive the patient home after the visit to ensure their safety.

Rest the Eyes

If possible, arrange to take the rest of the day off. Until the pupils are back to normal, reading documents or working in front of a computer will be challenging. A better approach is to go home, place a soothing compress over the eyes, and listen to some music. In a couple of hours, the eye conditions will begin to normalize and things like reading will be easy to manage once again.

Remember that the eyes are intended to last a lifetime. Regular exams and care services will go a long way toward identifying issues, eye health, and taking the steps necessary to ensure a reasonable level of visual acuity and overall health. If it is hard to remember when the last exam took place, call an optometrist today.

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