Getting the Rehab Help That You Need in a Facility in Kirkwood

After an injury, surgery, or an illness that decreases your mobility, you could benefit from staying in a rehab facility for at least a short time. Here are a few things that most facilities provide for residents.

Treatment Plan

When you go to one of the nursing rehab centers in Kirkwood, MO, one of the first things that you’ll usually do is make a treatment plan. This will likely include goals that you and your doctor have about your recovery as well as things that you’re already able to do on your own. A therapy plan is created for each person as the staff understands that everyone is different and requires different needs than someone else.


Most nursing rehab centers in Kirkwood, MO, follow a schedule from early in the morning until it’s time for everyone to go to bed. Workers can help with bathing in the morning as well as helping with getting dressed or eating breakfast. The morning hours are usually filled with therapy sessions as this is when most therapists and doctors are available to help with residents. Doctors will usually stop by to check on the progress of the residents to determine how long they need to stay.


After being discharged from the facility, a therapist could make an appointment to work with you at home to check your progress. If you need additional therapy, then you can usually go back to the rehab facility for sessions, especially if you don’t have the proper equipment at home.



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