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Good Reasons to Consider Undergoing Sclerotherapy in Peachtree City

The human body is made up of several systems that work together to allow individuals to do all the activities most people take for granted. Review these good reasons to seriously consider undergoing sclerotherapy in Peachtree City for your lower legs/ankle/foot vein issues.

How Blood Circulates Through Arteries & Veins

Arteries are the blood vessels that take oxygenated blood to all parts of the body. Then, the deoxygenated blood travels upwards through other blood vessels known as veins located in the lower legs and feet moving the blood back up to the heart again.

Since these vessels are located nearer to the surface than arteries are, individuals can often see their veins on the lower calves, ankles and feet. This is heightened if the person stands or sits for the majority of their day in one position.

Symptoms of Poor Circulation in the Lower Extremities

As the blood tries to work its way up through damaged veins that have lost their elasticity and inner valve function, the blood may begin to pool at the lower sites causing swelling, increased vein protrusion towards skin, pain in the affected area and/or numbness, tingling or other adverse symptoms.

How It Works

The best treatment for smaller superficial veins that lie just under the skin is sclerotherapy that a Peachtree City wellness center offers clients. For a simple sclerotherapy treatment, an agent is injected into the problematic area that will cause the vein to collapse and scar. The blood reroutes to deeper veins.



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