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Help For Financial Problems From 4 Pillars

Many people across the province and across the country are facing financial challenges. According to Credit Canada, almost 15% of all income in a home is used for debt payments, and about 7% of Canadians are only paying off the interest and not actually making a dent in the debt.

At 4 Pillars, debt consultants work with individuals and couples experiencing financial problems. Many of the couples and individuals have experienced unexpected financial issues that created the problem. This could be through the loss of a job, a health issue, divorce, or other types of similar situations.

In other cases, people may find their debt level become unmanageable. They are paying more on interest and cannot make inroads into paying off the balance, ultimately resulting in financial stress and pressure. Working with a 4 Pillars professional helps to assess the situation and understand the options available for working through the financial challenge.

Unique Solutions

Through confidential debt consulting services, 4 Pillars creates an individualized analysis and makes recommendations based on the specifics of the situation. This personalized approach takes a holistic look at the financial picture, providing clients with options that are practical, effective, and offer a way to resolve the debt issue and move forward.

Using a personalized approach to debt consulting is very different than simply working through a program. The debt consultants are there to continue to provide education and support, helping consumers to overcome obstacles to living a debt-free life.



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