How Does a Checkweigher System Improve a Company’s Production Efficiency?

A quality checkweigher system can detect whether there’s any discrepancy between product weights. If there is, it will kick out the product and can notify the production line manager. Then, the line manager can check to see what’s caused the issue. Sinte improperly weighted items do not make it past processing, nothing makes it to the public unless it’s up to your standards.

What Is a Checkweigher System?

When it comes to packaging, many companies pack by weight. This means it’s essential for consistency throughout the run of products. The system will rapidly weigh and separate any products that do not fall under the set tolerances. This process insures that only properly packaged products can make it through the line.

Embedded Systems

At some factories, they’ve installed auger machines to fill their products. Usually, an auger machine is part of a larger production line. That’s why they’ve designed weighers to place at the end of them. So, after a product is filled, it’s weighed automatically. By the time it’s left the assembly line, you’ll know how much it weighs. Plus, you don’t have to hire more labor to do this. The machine will handle it all without a human operator, making them efficient.

High Precision

Having a system that allows you to set your tolerances and make changes as needed is crucial for the success of the production line. Often times you are able to create multiple settings to allow for a variety of products to go through the same system.



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