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How to Find Furnished Student Housing with Perks in Riverside

Before you start your search for student apartments in Riverside, CA, there are a few things you should take into consideration, such as your spending limit, must-have features, and transportation.


If you have a tight budget, a roommate can help. Student-friendly complexes have two- and four-bedroom units. If you start your search early, you can find bedrooms with attached private bathrooms. For security reasons, each bedroom should have its own private key too. This floorplan makes it easy to share space with one or several people. If you want to go this route but do not have a roommate, some building managers will help you find someone. Ask if they offer per-tenant rental agreements.


Renting a furnished unit saves you from buying a bed, desk, and chair. College apartments typically have bedroom and living room furnishings. Some buildings have in-unit laundries too, and a few landlords will supply a TV.


To simplify bill paying, find a housing unit that bundles the power, water, garbage, and internet access with the rent. This way, you can budget for one monthly payment.


There is no need to buy a gym membership if your apartment has an on-site fitness facility. There are places with pools, hot tubs, and volleyball pits. You can even find garden spaces with outdoor grills if you enjoy cooking while socializing. Some other college-geared rooms worked into some complexes are conference halls and office hubs. For more details about student apartments in Riverside, CA, with these features, contact Alight Riverside at



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