How to Find the Right CBD Product

More and more people are turning to CBD for relief of many common ailments. Chronic pain, inflammation, anxiety and depression, insomnia and more are just a few of the cases that CBD has helped people with. However, regulations on CBD are slow to catch up, and trying to pick out the best form of CBD can be daunting when patients and their needs vary so much, especially if you’re new to using it. Fortunately, with a bit of research and consideration, you can more easily make an informed decision.

Types of CBD Products

CBD extracts can be found in a variety of forms depending on how you intend to take it, from casual or recreational use to strictly medicinal purposes. Concentrated oil is one of the best known forms – a non-intoxicating concentrate taken orally, popularized by the story of a young girl whose seizures were treated this way. Other products include:
  *     Tinctures, an early form of cannabis extract applied under the tongue, typically less concentrated but quicker acting;
  *     Infused topicals that provide localized relief with minimal intoxication, sometimes including other compounds along with CBD;
  *     Cannabidiol-infused edibles and drinkables

Each product varies in how easily or frequently it can be applied, how quickly the CBD takes effect, how widespread the effect is through the body.

Determining Your Dosage

Despite what common knowledge claims like “take a dropper of CBD per day” would tell you, there is no universal, one-size-fits-all dosage. For one, the concentration of CBD varies between products: “one drop” doesn’t tell you how much CBD you’re actually getting, nor does “one edible” or “one dab of cream” for that matter. Also, each user has different circumstances unique to them, and even two individuals with the same body weight may respond differently to a given dosage because of quirks of their biochemistry or the magnitude of their conditions.

However, there are some rules you can go by to help decide what dosage suits your needs. Your body weight can be used to determine a rough range of CBD dosage per day to work from. The severity of pain you’re trying to treat will influence these values, as well as your metabolism and tolerance to the compounds. The ideal dosage can change over the course of your life if you lose or gain weight, or if you change your lifestyle significantly, and a professional would be best equipped to give advise on this. Generally, though, start small and gradually increase dosage to get a feel for it yourself.

Browse the Inventory

Retailers such as Herb RX will have a range of CBD products in Sun Prairie, WI to choose from, depending on delivery methods and desired concentration. Don’t be afraid to ask for help in picking out a product to try, especially if you’re new to CBD. Find one of our locations on our site, or check out our inventory online.



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