How to Market Senior Living Facilities to the Sandwich Generation

If you know anything about marketing, one of the industry’s most well-known rules is that you must know what type of audience you need to attract. This truism will seem obvious to those in marketing. But if you’re doing marketing for senior living facilities, the audience may not seem to jump out at you. For example, your audience is not necessarily the senior adults who will eventually live in these facilities. Instead, it’s the adults of the sandwich generation. These people are not only caretakers for their parents. They may also take care of minor children at the same time.

To create marketing for senior living facilities, it’s essential that you know what the sandwich generation is looking for when searching for facilities for their parents. That’s why this article will discuss the stages of the buying process, particularly as it applies to people who are searching for senior living facilities for their families.

Stage 1: Awareness

At this stage, the buyer recognizes that they have a problem. For example, the buyer might see that their father is really starting to forget to take his diabetes medication at the appointed time. The buyer, in this case, the child, will try to find a solution. They might talk to someone else who has experience with the same issue. Or they may turn to Google.

Stage 2: Consideration

The buyer has now defined the issue. For example, they may have now decided that their parent needs round-the-clock care. For them, that might mean enlisting the help of siblings to look in on their parents when they can. Or they might turn to Google to look for other options. When marketing for senior care facilities, make sure your materials target adults in this stage.

Stage 3: Decision

At this point, someone may have decided to move their mother to an assisted living facility. Now the time has come to choose a facility. They will need to comb through websites, read plenty of reviews, and talk to staff members at several of these facilities. Your marketing materials will need to make these individuals and their parents feel welcome as they learn about what your center has to offer.



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