How to Prepare for an Auto Transport Service During an Emergency in Atlanta

If your vehicle breaks down while you’re away from home, you could call a tow truck driver or an auto transport company. A tow is great for a short trip, and an auto transport in Atlanta GA, is excellent for a long haul. If you ever have to wait for either service, follow these steps.

Find a Safe Spot

The side of the road is a safe place to park your vehicle. Stay away from hills because they have blind spots.

Make the Vehicle Visible

Keep your hazard lights on while you’re waiting for help, and use the reflective triangles in your auto emergency kit. If you need a kit, you can buy one that includes triangles, jumper cables, and more.

Remove Your Valuable Items

Never leave a cell phone, a portable GPS, or a tablet in the car unattended. If you work with a trustworthy towing company, you should still gather all of your belongings for peace of mind.

Use Your Cell Phone Wisely

While you’re waiting for a tow, power down your cell phone because you may need to make more calls before the truck driver arrives. If you must use your phone, follow these steps to extend its battery life:

• Turn down the brightness in the settings.

• Don’t run demanding or powerful apps.

• Use a battery saving app to track your phone’s performance.

If you ever need to arrange an auto transport in Atlanta, GA, for a vehicle, contact Southside Wrecker.



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