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How Your Roll-Off Dumpster Rental in Columbia Is Handled

Despite popular belief, not all waste is dumped at the local landfill. Some waste management organizations transport the garbage they gather to a Hampton transfer station. The rubbish is processed at these facilities before being delivered to a local landfill or recycling.

Here’s a brief rundown of how your roll-off dumpster rental in Columbia is handled.

Arrival of Trucks at the Station

When the trucks arrive with your roll-off dumpster, they are taken to a scale and weighed. Tipping costs are charged where they are relevant. Residents who dump rubbish at transfer stations use a different scale than business vehicles.

Garbage Trucks Unload

The transfer station will determine where the waste from your roll-off dumpster rental in Columbia will be discharged. Trucks unload immediately into another bin in some locations, while others dump rubbish onto the floor or into an open pit. Bulldozers and cranes are used to move the rubbish that has been dumped.

Garbage Is Processed

All garbage will be sifted through at transfer stations paired with a materials recovery facility to remove any recyclables. The recyclables are separated from the garbage and sent to a processing plant. Workers also sift through the trash to eliminate prohibited objects or dangerous materials, which must be treated separately to not contaminate the land.

Compact Trash Before Reloading Trucks

The residual rubbish is compressed after it has been processed to allow more waste to fit aboard a single truck. The bundle is moved to a larger vehicle and delivered to the next site after being crushed down to a smaller size.



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