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Information on Maintenance and Water Well Pump Service In Hampton CT

Most homeowners in rural areas have a water well pump that provides all of their drinking and bathing needs. This pump needs to be serviced and maintained properly for it to have a long life span. The following is some information on the function and proper maintenance for your water well Pump Service In Hampton CT.

The Function of a Water Well Pump

Most water well pumps are broken into two categories, shallow and submersible. The shallow pump sucks up the water supply from an above ground well that has fresh water suitable for consumption. The submersible pump works to push the water upward from the well it is in, which sends the water to your home for consumption. The most common and easy to use type of water pump is the submersible.

Maintenance Schedule

Many companies that repair water well pumps recommend that you have your pump serviced at least once a year. In most cases, the service will consist of an inspection to determine the overall health of the pump and checking the water level to verify that the pump is working properly. By having this maintenance and Pump Service In Hampton CT, you can extend the life of your pump significantly. If you fail to get your pump properly serviced, the overall health and functionality of this mechanism will suffer greatly. If you are able to reach your pump, you should prime it on a regular basis to ensure that water is flowing properly. Taking these few small steps can help you avoid costly and time consuming repairs on your water well pump. Generally, the replacement of a submersible pump can take up to three days depending on the accessibility of your well, so this means that you will be without clean water for that amount of time.

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