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Is Hardwood Flooring The Right Choice For Your Phoenix Home?

There are only a small number of home design styles that can be classified as both traditional as well as trending. One of these hardwood flooring, and it is certainly a classic look as well as something completely modern.

Many people are not familiar with all of the different options in today’s hardwood floor types and styles. At Home Solutionz, we provide a top selection of classic styles of wood floors through to the very trendy wide plank natural and engineered hardwood floors.

Maintenance Requirements

New options in stains, sealants and protective coats make the hardwood of today very low maintenance. With resistance to water, wear and tear and even scuffs and scratches, this is a durable, beautiful flooring for any room in the home.

Dry mopping is all that is typically required of these floors. For deeper cleaning, a wet mopping system with a specialized hardwood cleaning is a quick way for a deep shine.

Color Options and Other Trends

There are some relatively new trends in hardwood flooring that have helped to develop the popularity of this flooring option. With wide plank style, white oak or the gray and gray-cream options in hardwood is extremely popular. Herringbone planking rather than traditional vertical plank style is increasingly popular in modern home designs.

Other trends popular in Phoenix for both new home construction and older home renovations include the wider planks of a more distress barn wood look, with different grains, tones, and colors throughout the flooring. Both of these distinctive looks are available in natural woods as well as laminated wood flooring.

The classic darker walnut, mahogany or the lighter chestnut or pine are also still extremely popular in hardwood flooring. It is such as versatile flooring it can be used throughout the home, including in bedrooms, bathrooms, living areas, kitchens and hallways in the house.

To find out more about the latest styles and design options in hardwood flooring, talk to the experts at Home Solutionz. To find out more about our service, see us at



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