Learn About Gum Disease and How Your Periodontist in Burlington, ON, Can Help

A periodontist is a professional who performs the dental specialty that concentrates on inflammatory diseases that break down the gums and other tooth-supporting structures. He or she works to diagnose, treat, and prevent periodontal disease. Many periodontists also have training in cosmetic dentistry.

Periodontal Disease and Receding Gums

Gum recession occurs when the gum tissue that surrounds your teeth begins to pull back and/or erode. This leaves more of your tooth exposed and creates a gap between the gum and tooth where bacteria can colonize. You may experience red swollen gums, loose teeth, bad breath, and a bad taste in your mouth if your gums are receding. When the gums recede, they do not grow back. However, a periodontist in Burlington, ON, can help you stop the problem from progressing.

Soft Tissue Grafting

If you have moderate to severe gum recession, you may need to visit a periodontist in order to undergo soft tissue grafting. This method is used to regenerate gum tissue by using healthy tissue from another part of your mouth to help re-cover your exposed tooth roots. This process can improve the cosmetic appearance of your mouth, reduce sensitivity to temperature, and prevent further complications related to gum loss.

Bone Regeneration

Periodontal disease causes the bone and tissues around your teeth to disintegrate. A periodontist can perform regeneration procedures to promote the growth of new, healthy bone in the affected area. The bone that has been lost does not grow back because the soft tissues around it grow faster. Bone regeneration involves the use of a specialized membrane to separate the soft tissues and the bone tissue around the tooth, allowing the slower-growing bone tissue to rebuild itself. Bone regeneration is also used in some cases alongside a bone graft when there is significant bone loss.

Pocket Depth Therapy and Hygiene

A periodontist may also be able to treat your periodontal disease with pocket depth hygiene and therapy. These minimally invasive measures involve using a laser, ultrasonic device, or manual instruments to remove bacteria and tartar from the tooth surfaces that lie underneath your gums. The periodontist may use oral and/or topical antibiotics following these deep cleanings to kill infection-causing bacteria.

Dental Implants

If you have lost a tooth or teeth as a result of periodontal disease, you may be interested in dental implants, devices that are installed in the bone that holds your teeth. Periodontists have expertise in determining your eligibility for dental implants and installing them. Once the bone has successfully grown around the implant, a crown can be attached to functions as and resemble a natural tooth.

As your one-stop dental practice, Fielding Dental Healthcare provides an array of periodontal services to keep your smile beautiful and vibrant. Contact us if you need an experienced periodontist in Burlington.



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