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Learning About The Techniques Of Prenatal Massage in NYC

The importance of prenatal massage has been solidified in many university studies. Science has proven that this form of massage can aid in the sleep of pregnant women, reduce their anxiety, and even manage the stress hormones they are subject to. Here are some other things that a woman and her partner should know about Prenatal Massage in NYC.


Experts recommend that the woman should wait until the second trimester until they receive prenatal massage. One main reason for this is that weeks 1 through 12 have the highest rate of miscarriage. Massage therapists are taught in their schooling to refuse massage clients who are in this stage of their pregnancy.

Stick To The Side

While there are specialty massage tables made with cutouts to allow a pregnant woman to lay on her stomach, these can still apply risky pressure on the uterus. It is much better simply to lay on the side with a bolstering pillow or even sit in a chair if that is a preferred method. Prenatal massage does not have to be given in a laying position.


Make sure the massage therapist has previous experience in Prenatal Massage in NYC. There are specific techniques that should be avoided when engaging in this type of massage and the therapist needs to be fully aware of them. To do otherwise puts not only the woman but the unborn child at risk.

Avoid Extremities

While receiving a prenatal massage, avoid any massage to the wrists and ankles. This can induce labor and is a technique used by many midwives to do so. No matter how experienced the massage therapist is, they are probably not licensed to deliver babies.

A Lighter Touch

Get used to a much more gentle massage than a typical Swedish or deep tissue massage. Approved prenatal techniques are lighter to avoid causing injury to the fetus.

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