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Lower Utility Bills With Help From An Experienced Insulation Company In Denver CO

Indoor comfort control is important for both businesses and homeowners, but it is also one of the most common culprits when it comes to wasted energy. There are various reasons for this such as old, drafty windows or leaks around exterior doors. However, the largest problem that most property owners encounter is poor insulation. Insulation is rated by its R-value or resistance value. This measurement determines the effectiveness of the insulation to block the transfer of air and heat. If the insulation is weak or beginning to collapse, then it is time to contact an experienced Insulation Company in Denver CO.

There are various types of insulation and their effectiveness is often based on where they are being used. Fiberglass batts are typically placed in walls to improve increase thermal resistance. Batts are also used in attic areas where they are placed between the joists. While these are the most common areas used by building constructors, they are not the only places where insulation can help. For example, the placement of additional batts or fiberglass blankets can reduce the amount of temperature transfer to the attic area. It also reduces any heat transfer from the attic area to the living space.

Attic areas trap a lot of heat and one reason for this is that heat rises. Another cause of attic heat is the solar energy captured by the certain types of roofing materials. Proper ventilation can help eliminate some of this heat, but the best solution is to have an Insulation Company in Denver CO improve the overall R-value of the attic. One way of doing this is with blown-in insulation. This is typically a fiberglass insulation material, but cellulose is also available. Blown-in insulation is perfect for filling those voids that other materials cannot reach.

An interesting alternative to traditional insulating materials is polyurethane foam. Spray-on foam sticks to almost anything and this dense insulation can provide a better barrier against thermal conduction than most other products. Polyurethane foam can be used almost anywhere that regular insulation goes. It is a great option for basement walls and is perfect for covering the underside of the roof.



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