Meeting with an Attorney in Brick to Get Started on Your Divorce

As you begin the divorce process, seeking the assistance of an attorney is a step that you don’t want to forget. Even though you can file your own divorce papers and have them served by a county official, an attorney can offer advice about the proceedings that you may not know. Here are a few details about filing for a divorce and what to expect from your attorney.

When you meet with a divorce attorney in Brick, NJ, you should have as many documents pertaining to your situation as possible. This information can help your attorney create a plan for going to court or meeting with your spouse, so documents can be completed without going in front of a judge.

You want to give your attorney as much financial information as you can, so any shared assets can be divided properly. Your attorney will be able to offer advice about how to approach alimony, child support, and other financial issues.

Expert Testimony
Sometimes, witnesses are needed to offer details about you or your spouse that could impact the divorce proceedings. Your divorce attorney in Brick, NJ, can contact any witnesses and review the information that they provide to determine if they are needed, or if there is a need for further information in order for the divorce to be completed. Custody issues commonly involve witnesses who know both parties.

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