Other Programs That Churches Offer in Addition to Regular Services

You might think that church only involves attending a service where a preacher lectures about certain topics in the Bible, but many of today’s churches include additional programs that encourage community involvement and worship by other means. Here are some of the other programs that churches in Jacksonville, FL, may offer in addition to their regular services.

Some churches encourage members to spread the Gospel by taking part in outreach programs. These outreach programs can inspire more people to follow Christ’s teachings and lead more Christian lives. Certain outreach programs may even involve travel to international locations like Haiti to spread the word.

Life Groups
Life Groups have been created so that Christians can connect more closely to one another. If you attend one of the churches that offers these groups, you’ll be connected to other like-minded individuals and be able to attend meetings where you can offer each other support throughout life’s challenges and celebrate life’s joys.

Services for Hearing Impaired
If you or someone who know has a hearing impairment that makes hearing impossible or more challenging, you can attend a church that features services specifically for the hearing impaired. These services are conducted with the use of American Sign Language so that all participants can understand the message.

Attending a church that features other programs in addition to its regular services can help you connect with your Christian faith in other ways. Southpoint Community Church is one of the notable churches in Jacksonville, FL, that offers a variety of programs that may be right for you, and you can learn more about this church by visiting



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