Paintless Dent Repair in Colorado Springs – Why is it Such a Good Option?

Does your car have dings and dents on the doors or fenders? It only takes one thoughtless person to open his or her car door against yours to make a crease or dent. Over time, these dents add up and take away from the appearance of your vehicle. Many people today are enjoying the benefits of PDR or paintless dent repair in Colorado Springs – but is it the best option? Here is a comparison of PDR vs. standard dent repair to give you a better idea.

Standard Dent Repair

The standard way to fix dents may involve a long and labor-intensive process. You may need to drill holes in the body and connect a dent puller. This can get rid of dents, but then you have to fix the holes you drilled. Some shops may fill these holes in with body putty, but you still need to repaint the entire fender or side of the car.

Some shops remove fenders and then hammer out dents with a rubber mallet. This process can easily crack the paint. Then you need to repaint everything.

Paintless Dent Repair in Colorado Springs

PDR uses a strong rubber suction cup attached to a machine with handles. It grabs the inside of the dent, and then you simply pull it out. Shops like In and Out Auto Salon use PDR on many kinds of dents, and it is very effective (except on plastic or fiberglass parts).

Why Choose Paintless Dent Repair in Colorado Springs?

PDR is faster than standard methods, so you save a great deal of money on shop labor. The process usually does not require repainting the surfaces, so this saves you even more money. Because it is very fast, you can sometimes get your car back on the same day you bring it in for body repair.



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