Plastic Sheets: A Durable, Multifunctional, and Green Product

Plastic sheeting suppliers make a wide variety of products for many applications. These facilities offer services and materials to match industrial, commercial, and household needs.

Stock Sheets

Companies that offer stock programs have multiple sheets ready to go. This system is a cost-effective way to purchase plastic, and customers can choose finishings. Companies make some of the stock from high-impact polystyrene (HIPS). As the name implies, this thermoplastic is tough, and they are crisp enough to be die-cut.


Designers can use digital and lithography coloring on HIPS, or some plastic sheeting suppliers can match the material to your logo or business theme with color readers. A computer develops the exact shade. Other tinting options are metallic and opaque. Companies also produce clear boards.


After the coloring process, clients can opt for extra features, such as a friction reducer. To achieve this, manufacturers incorporate a solid into the plastic. The particles will lower the slickness, and the additive will make the plastic last somewhat longer. A UV coating might be in order if you intend to put the plastic outside or in a window. This protective material will keep the colors bright. Specialty operations might benefit from fire-resistant sheets.


Plastic is a recyclable material, and some plastic sheeting suppliers aim for zero waste to keep it out of landfills and the ocean. Operations are not wasting scraps, and some opt for reusable shipping containers. These suppliers do not recycle the material in-house. Instead, they send it to a proper treatment facility.



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