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Points to Consider Before Buying From a Food Wholesaler in New York

Buying from a wholesale food company may seem like a fairly easy process with very little thought that needs to go into it. However, there are actually several things that you will need to consider before deciding on who to order from, or even on how many different wholesalers to order from. Here are some of the things to think about before contracting with wholesale food suppliers in New York.

National Suppliers

If you are buying for a “one-size fits all” operation, then this will probably be your best bet. The pros are that this will be the most reliable solution as far as always having things in stock as well as carrying all of the popular brand names. However, the relationship will be quite impersonal, if there is even a business relationship at all and you will usually have less access to specialty items.


Many consumers are very interested in knowing exactly where their food is coming from. If you are dealing directly with a farmer, it is usually much easier to negotiate for quantities as well as price. However, you are also virtually guaranteed to have to order from several different sources as well as being locked into only local foods.

Organic Food Suppliers

This is probably the best bet of all of your choices of the wholesale food suppliers in New York because you get the best of both worlds. You get the reliable distribution network of the bigger companies with the higher quality food of the direct-from-farm networks.

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