Pontoons vs. Deck Boats: Which is the Perfect Boat for You?

Boating is a pastime enjoyed by millions of Americans every year. From lake-lovers to oceanside boaters, it seems that where there is water there will also be people with an affinity for boats.

If you’re in the market for a new boat of your own, you may be trying to decide between a pontoon and a deck boat. Let’s look closer at each; your choice may be as crystal-clear as the waters you dream of!

First: Know the Difference

To the untrained eye, it may be hard to tell pontoons and deck boats apart at first glance. Wherever there are deck boats for sale, there are often pontoons as well. They may be similar in size, price, and even features.

The primary difference between most deck boats and pontoons is the shape of the hull. The hull, or outer shell of the boat, is curved into a U-shape or even a deep V-shape in the case of deck boats. The deck of the boat is then perched atop several aluminum tubes situated inside that hull.

In the case of pontoons, things are more down-to-earth. Specifically, the seating and top of the boat are flat to the hull, which is boxier and squared-off. This allows for more usable square footage onboard and betters seating inside. While newer pontoons are sleeker and rounder than older models, this basic shape is still a good reference point in differentiating between the two.

Second: Know your Purpose

The real determining factor in whether you choose a pontoon or a deck boat is what you intend to use your boat for. Deck boats are great for high-speed cruising, as in open waters or for those who boat for sport. Pontoons are better suited for fishing, leisurely boating and for those who prefer to take things a little slower. Ultimately, choosing between the two comes down to how you like to spend your time on the water.

Third: Buy Your Boat!

When boat shopping, always look close to the water for salesmen who know boating best. New Orleans is home to some of the finest boat and boating supply retailers in the United States. Here, you’ll find pontoons and deck boats for sale in every imaginable shape, size and style; the hardest part will be narrowing down which look you love most!

Talk to your local boating retailer this year and see what they have in stock. You may find that when the dust clears, you want a pontoon and a deck boat, too! Hey – a boater can dream, can’t they?



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