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Popular Cannabis Indica strains in Worcester

When it comes to cannabis there are really only two species; Sativa and Indica. The difference in the two determine the outcome of its use; either a comfortable high or finding it impossible to move.

There is much more to it than the effects, the differences start with the appearance. Best cannabis indica strains in Worcester are considerably shorter and bushier whereas Sativa strains grow tall and thin. As a result those that grow cannabis indoors favor Indica while those that grow their cannabis outdoors can comfortably grow Sativa.

The original and best cannabis in Worcester, in particular Afghanistan, Pakistan and Tibet. There are considerable differences in the regions, especially the humidity. Sativa plants which are tall and thin evolved this way so they would prosper in high humidity area, Indica strains on the other hand evolved into short, squat strains so they could cope with hot, dry conditions.

Because of the tendency to induce a relaxed feeling, Indica strains have proven very effective to combat medical conditions such as anxiety, insomnia, muscle pain and muscle spasms and chronic pain. As Indica strains do cause sleepiness most medical marijuana patients use it at night.

There are thousands of hybrid Indica strains, it is impossible to discuss them all but let’s have a look at three of the better known strains and their medicinal properties:

G-13: This strain is characterized as having a powerful aroma, some will say with a fruity tinge to it. The THC content of G-13 is debatable but there are claims that it hits 28%. The effects are definitely euphoric and as a medicinal product it is best considered as a stress reliever but also is good for those with poor appetites and insomnia.

Afghani: A pure strain originally from Afghanistan of course and one of the easiest strains to grow outdoors due to its hardy resistance to weather. The smoke tastes akin to hash and provides a strong physical high, recommended for insomnia and chronic pain relief. The user feels lazy and sleepy but dry mouth is an issue.

Northern Lights: Perhaps the most well known cannabis Indica strains of all time; it has been crossed over time to produce many fine hybrids. This strain is ideal for indoor growing; the height rarely exceeds five feet. Although neither the taste nor smell is noteworthy the effects are, this strain packs a punch. The primary medical uses are for stress relief, anxiety, headache and nausea.



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