Prevent Potential Theft with a Locking Parcel Box

Since the pandemic, more people than ever order products online. You can order groceries, presents, and any other item you want without leaving the comfort of your home. The rise in online ordering has opened a much larger window for theft. Thieves can simply walk up to your porch and take your package while you are at work, school, or attending your kid’s soccer practice. A locking parcel box will create a physical barrier to prevent theft.

Physical Barrier

Ring cameras are very affordable. You can purchase one online or in a store and easily install it at your home. If someone decides to steal your package, a Ring camera or doorbell camera cannot physically prevent the person from leaving with your package. A locking parcel box creates a physical barrier. You can mount a locked box onto your front porch or the side of your home to maximize your space. A camera will only record the theft while a lockbox will stop it.

Pre-Designed and Custom Lock Boxes

You can purchase a residential locking parcel box in different sizes, colors, and designs. You may be worried the box will look bulky, not match your property, or be an eyesore. Custom lockboxes are a great way to implement a physical barrier and match your style. Do you have blue siding or a country-style front porch? Whether you prefer old fashioned, country, modern, or a crisp style lockbox, companies provide a wide range of options to meet your needs.



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