Quality Steel Strapping, Equipment, and Strapping Supplies in Delaware

Steel strapping is the essential material for heavy-duty holding where strength and negligible stretch is required. Quality steel strapping applied with superior banding tools make the steel strapping solution excellent for banding heavy loads.

What is Steel Strapping?

Steel strapping is used for bundling and securing packaging of various sorts. It is made from an assortment of steel alloys and has the highest break strength compared to other materials. Many of the steel strappings are finished with wax that aids in the wrapping around the bundle.

Quality Steel Strapping

Strapping alternatives to choose from include:

• Stainless Steel Strapping
• Galvanized Steel Strapping
• Government Grade Steel Strapping
• Organic/Painted Steel Strapping
• Steel Strapping Pony Coils

To pull the strapping sufficiently tight and secure it in place, a banding tool is used.

There are two main types of strapping tools:

• Hand-Held Tools
• Strapping Machines

Hand-Held Tools. These strapping tools are an economical alternative for securing low volumes of products, especially the manual tensioners and crimping devices. Hand-held tools can also be automatic for high-volume jobs.

Strapping Machines. The physical labor required by a manually strapping, sealing, and cutting is significantly reduced with strapping machines.


Banding Tools available include:

• Strapping Stretchers
• Strapping Sealers
• Special Hand Strappers
• Strap Cutters
• Strapping Dispensers

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