Reduce Cooling Costs With Air Conditioning System Maintenance in Kissimmee

by | Jan 18, 2021 | Air Conditioning & Heating

In some regions, winter is coming to a close and temperatures are already starting to rise. In other regions, temperatures are still below freezing, and they show no signs of letting up. For those who have several months of warm temperatures to look forward to it’s time to call a local service provider for Air Conditioning System Maintenance in Kissimmee. Scheduled service visits are a great way to make sure the cooling appliance attached to the home is ready to face the coming season. These visits should be scheduled, so the homeowner won’t have to wait for service. During peak seasons, homeowners can expect to wait several days to be seen. Calling ahead lets the homeowner skip the line and get service just when they need it.

There are three parts to a cooling system that need to be checked at least twice per year. These visits should take place at the beginning of summer and the beginning of winter. During these visits, the service provider should check the appliance itself, the wiring for the system, and the ducts leading into the home. The appliance will most likely experience some typical wear and tear throughout the year. As long mechanical and electrical issues are addressed quickly the appliance should run strong for several years. The wiring leading to and from the appliance should be inspected at least once per year to check for shorts or bad wires. The ducts are a little more complicated and delicate, they require more time and care than other parts of the system.

When calling for Air Conditioning System Maintenance in Kissimmee, homeowners should request that their ducts be cleaned and inspected for damage. Catching gaps and holes in the ducts will prevent thermal leakage. Gaps and holes allow air to escape, forcing the appliance to work much harder to cool the home. This could be wasting hundreds of dollars per year in energy cost. Homeowners can visit Smith’s Air Conditioning online for more information about how to address cooling system issues and schedule a service visit as soon as possible.

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