Regularly Scheduling a Professional Dental Cleaning in Charlotte Is Way More Important than You’d Think

by | Nov 18, 2020 | Dentist

The latest reports from the AHA, ADHA, and the AGD have put forth some very unsettling facts and figures vis-à-vis oral wellness in North America:

  • By the time children reach the adult age of 18, more than 76% have at least one tooth that’s affected by a cavity or acid-induced enamel damage.

  • Gum disease is bewilderingly pervasive as well. Nearly five in every six US adults are aggrieved by slight, moderate, or severe gingivitis and periodontist.

  • Upwards of 73% of Americans are keeping their toothbrushes for far too long. It is advised to swap out your soiled, broken-down toothbrush for a new one every 90 days.

  • An annual dental cleaning can help you evade untold health conditions – ranging from tooth loss and congestive heart failure to diabetes, oral sarcomas, and even kidney failure – but nearly 33% of us sidestep this crucial healthcare requisite for years on end.

As such, arranging an expert dental cleaning in Charlotte once every 12 months is not only integral to yourself assurance, composure, and the quality of your smile; it’s also a compulsory aspect of prolonging your life and keeping up with your overall health.

My Personal Oral Upkeep Routine Is Pretty Good, Do I Still Need Cleanings?

The candid answer to this common question is an unambiguous “Yes!”

The specialized tools and meticulous methods employed during a professional dental cleaning generate effects that simply cannot be recreated at home, regardless of the quality of your toothbrush, floss, or oral rinse.

A dental cleaning will also allow you to unmask, quarantine, and cure a wide range of chronic disorders before they go from bad to worse and leave a permanent imprint on your health.

What about the Financial Side of Things? Are Cleanings Expensive?

If you drop over to Domain, you’ll be able to coordinate a productive, pain free cleaning appointment without squandering a huge lump of money.

This Caldwell, Bills & Petrilli Dentistry clinic will help you contrive an interest free payment plan that benefits your respective budget, regardless of whether you have full dental coverage, so visit their webpage to get the ball rolling on your cost-free consultation.

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