Seven Tips for Your First Boudoir Photoshoot

Boudoir photo shoots are becoming more and more popular amongst brides looking for a personal wedding gift to their partner. Not only can a boudoir shoot be fun, empowering, and personalized to your relationship, but you’ll wind up with gorgeous, professional photographs that are yours to keep. Here are some tips to get you started.

Choose a Photographer

First things first, if you’re seeking boudoir photography in Orange County, you’ll need to research some photographers. Since comfort is key in this type of photoshoot, you’ll want to find someone that makes you feel relaxed around and who you find easy to talk to. Schedule some consultations to make sure that you’ll be getting the type of photos that you want, from the right person.


You might want to think about getting a professional air-brush tan for your boudoir photo shoot. These are much better than self-tanners. The professional can customize the color for your skin type and how light or dark you’d like it and do contouring to enhance or slim the body. We find that woman who use self-tanners the coverage is uneven and the face ends up much lighter than the body So, if you want the Southern California beach girl look lay out by the pool in your lingerie or get a professional air-brush tan.


Like tanning, waxing for your boudoir photography session is a personal choice. If done, waxing should happen about 3 days prior to the photo shoot, this way there will be no redness on the skin. Waxing areas can be anywhere on the body, including bikini area, legs and armpits. We recommend that everyone has their eyebrows waxed and shaped for their boudoir or portrait session.

Go it Alone

You’re welcome to bring a friend to your boudoir session. If you’re engaged and doing this as a wedding gift for your fiancée then bringing a bridesmaid can be fun. You’ll both have a great time and they can help with organizing your lingerie in the dressing room or tying your corset. Another fun bonus with bringing a friend is you can both go shopping at South Coast Plaza together after the photo session.


After the boudoir session is scheduled with us at Karen French Photography, the fun begins. It’s time to do shopping! There are many types of lingerie, including bra and pantie sets, chemis, corsets, bodysuits, bustiers and teddies. All of these type of lingerie work great and are flattering to the figure. However, we recommend not bringing any babydolls, they fit very loose to the body and add abut 15 pounds to any body type.

Move Beyond Lingerie

Boudoir photos aren’t just about lingerie. You can choose nightgowns, robes, or anything at all that makes you feel comfortable. Wear a piece of clothing related to the wedding, or maybe even your groom’s sports jersey and t-shirts. And as the The Knot suggests, don’t forget to wear your engagement ring!

Have Fun!

Boudoir photography in Orange County at Karen French Photography is all about being yourself and being confident. There are no solid rules– have fun!



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