Sharp Fluidics Clinical Study of Engineered Injury Prevention Device

Sharp Fluidics delivers devices designed to improve the safety of the surgical workplace. These include needle safety devices and the NeoClose® robotic closure system. In a breakthrough for surgical safety, Sharp Fluidics announces a clinical study of its engineered sharps injury prevention device. The device, Operative Armour®, is designed to prevent stick injuries within an operating room setting.

What Is Operative Armour®?

Operative Armour® functions as a wearable needle safety device. The device is designed to allow surgical staff to close wounds without the assistance of surgical technicians. Operative Armour® was created to reduce the number of injuries that occur as a result of sharps being passed between technician and surgeon.

Clinical Study Results

Sharp Fluidics announces a clinical study of its engineered sharps injury prevention device after a study done at Johns Hopkins. In a study looking at 100 patients, 50 control surgeries, and 50 surgical procedures while using Operative Armour®, a variety of surgeries were performed including breast reconstruction and abdominal surgery. The surgeries that used Operative Armour® required half the amount of needle adjustments by hand as the control trials did. Constant readjustment of instruments by hand is one of the main causes of sharps injuries in surgery.

Operative Armour® Benefits

By eliminating passing and handling of instruments, Operative Armour® reduces the exposure of exposed needles. The device also eliminates the need for distraction through multi-tasking. The workflow of the surgery is made far more efficient with the use of Operative Armour®, because the surgeon is able to control the overall pace of the surgery’s closure.

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