Signs You Have Hearing Loss

Hearing aids Chicago can be beneficial to people who have mild, moderate or severe hearing loss. However, the key to getting the proper treatment is to get your hearing loss diagnosed early. There are several signs that indicate that you have hearing loss.

Children’s Voices are Muffled

The natural aging process can damage the cochlea. This is the inner part of the ear that helps you hear. The cells that detect high-pitched sounds are typically the first ones to be damaged. That is why you may have a harder time hearing women’s voices, children’s voices, crickets chirping and the microwave beeping.

You Keep Having to Turn the Volume Up on the Television

You will likely have to keep adjusting the volume on your television and radio as your hearing loss gets worse. Other people may also complain about how long your television and radio is.

Your Ears Feel Clogged

In many cases, your eggs feel clogged due to fluid or wax in the ears. You should see a doctor if your ears feel clogged. If your doctor tells you that your ears are clear, then you may have hearing loss. The reason that your ears feel clogged is because the sounds you hear are muffled.

You Find Yourself Trying to Lip Read

The brain tries to make up for hearing loss by using the other senses. That is why many people attempt to lip read when they are unable to hear someone. You can see the sounds of certain letters even if you cannot hear them.

You Avoid Social Events

The brain has to work harder when you cannot hear. That is why you may avoid social events because you are too tired to go. Furthermore, it can be frustrating to be around a crowd of people if you are having trouble hearing.

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