Signs You’re Struggling with Anxiety and Need a Therapist in Nashville

Everyone experiences anxiety at some point, but how do you know it’s become a problem? There are many reasons why you may be feeling more anxious than normal, and anxiety can also be comorbidity caused by other health conditions. Here are three signs you may benefit from seeing an anxiety therapist in Nashville, TN.

Physical Discomfort

Many people think of anxiety as a purely mental condition, but it can impact your entire body. You may sweat, feel your heart pounding, and even feel dizzy or faint just from having to talk to a new person. Panic attacks often feel so intense they’re mistaken for heart attacks. If you’re experiencing these effects often, it’s time to seek help.

Constant Worrying

Anxiety can manifest as excessive worrying, and some people get the same sensation without having anything to actually worry about. One event can cause you to overthink and get stuck in a thought spiral. Some people even have trouble thinking because their brains refuse to wind down.

Negative Impact on Daily Life

Physical symptoms, overthinking, memory problems, or insomnia can keep you from getting through your daily life. You may have trouble focusing or you may put off important tasks until you feel like you can handle them. If you’re not functioning like you need to, a therapist may be able to help.

Everyone experiences anxiety a little bit differently, but an anxiety therapist in Nashville, TN, can help you learn to manage yours. With regular visits, you can find healthy habits and coping mechanisms to help you move through the world more easily.



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