Stay Legal and Stylish with Professional Window Tinting in Green Valley

by | Mar 8, 2019 | Business

Many drivers get their windows tinted simply because it looks cool but tinted windows actually serve several purposes. Window tints block thermal rays and protect you and your belongings from heavy UV exposure. Window tinting also adds privacy and reduces glare, potentially making things safer when you are facing the sun, so the coolness factor is just an added bonus.

Keep in mind that there is a limit to how heavily you can tint your windows and to make sure that you stay legal, you are better off taking your vehicle to a local shop that tints windows.

Types of Tinting

There are a few different methods of window tinting in Green Valley, some of which are more effective and more affordable than others. Your tinting shop will likely have a few different options and they will be able to explain the differences between each one. The primary types of window tint film include:

  • Dyed Window Tint Film: This dye-based method is the most economical and while it’s effective, it’s perhaps less functional than others.
  • Metallized Film: This uses metallic particles to reflect heat away.
  • Hybrid Tints: These combine the use of dyes and metallic particles.
  • Ceramic Tint: This is the latest technology that uses nano-ceramics to absorb heat. It usually comes with higher clarity and durability.
  • Crystalline Tint: This method blocks heat and UV without actually darkening the windows as other tints do.

Why Call Professionals?

Find out more about Dwight’s Auto Glass & Tint to get more familiar with the window tinting process or to schedule a service. DIY kits are often unreliable and difficult to apply if you are unfamiliar and professional tinting processes provide your vehicle with a more durable tint that is better at blocking UV rays. Your local shop will also be familiar with local tinting regulations and they will make sure that it gets done right the first time.

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