Technology for Waste Pipe Inspection

While inspecting the plumbing pipes looks easy, in truth plumbers use special equipment to get a good look at hard-to-see spots. Before a plumber can service your main waste pipe to the street, for instance, they can do an inspection to make sure the pipes are holding up. When you think of the waste line, you may wonder how anybody could inspect such a thing, but they’ve got the equipment they need to do it, namely an endoscope inspection camera.

This technology of endoscope cameras is not all that new or unfamiliar. It’s similar to the endoscope-camera system used by medical doctors in search procedures. For example, a doctor can use an endoscope camera to go down a patient’s throat to inspect the stomach. They may be searching for ulcers. So, if it’s any comfort, doctors can get a full-color picture of hidden medical conditions. Likewise, your Residential Plumbing in Birmingham AL can see exactly what’s going on in your main pipe to the street or any pipe for that matter.

Let’s be clear, the camera comes with bright built-in LED lighting. It’s an enabling system that allows plumbers to get a good look at the pipes. In particular, they look at the waste pipe to the street for cracked pipes, broken pipes, weak pipe walls and collapsed pipes. The Residential Plumbing Birmingham AL service may want to recommend a full repair, suggest a quick fix or advise the homeowner that their plumbing system is showing its age. It’s always nice to get a heads up about major repairs before they’re needed. The main waste pipe has to function because, without good flow, your plumbing can back up, your yard can flood and the asphalt in the street can actually collapse. When that happens, the cost goes up considerably.

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