Teeth Whitening: Creating A Brighter Smile

Today, the majority of Canadians want a bright, Hollywood smile. They want to look like they could appear in a video or walk a catwalk. They want to be able to catch the eye of someone special when they smile. Unfortunately, this dream may evade many in such Ontario cities as Hamilton unless they talk to their dentist about creating a brighter smile through the process of teeth whitening.


Although some refer to the process of whitening one’s teeth as bleaching, it is not identical. A difference also exists between the capability of over the counter (OTC) products and professional treatments to produce the desired results. In the case of OTC products, the strength and ability of the ingredients make it only effective on minor conditions. If the teeth display serious effects of heavy stains and discoloration, OTC methods cannot achieve the same results as a visit to a Hamilton dental clinic can.

In other words, optimal teeth whitening – one that creates that white, bright smile, is only possible through the professional services of a dentist. They can do so employing one of two approaches:

  • In-Office: This occurs within the confines of an office. Depending upon the condition of the teeth, this may take more than one visit
  • At Home: The dentist allows the patient to take home a whitening kit or tray. Following the dentist’s instruction, the patient continues the treatment daily for a stated time.

Teeth Whitening and Your Dentist

Discolored teeth are only one reason why people refuse to smile openly. Stained and dull teeth are two other reasons. This condition does not have to be permanent. The professional dentists at Gateshead Dental in Hamilton can help restore or create that so-sought-after bright smile. Talk to them about procedures that can help you face the world with greater confidence – including teeth whitening.



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