The Benefits Of Choosing Albion Casters For Michigan OEMs

All parts of new equipment, systems, and devices, having the best possible components is always important for any Michigan OEM. What may appear to be very simple and basic components like casters need to operate easily, safely and effectively as it does have an impact on how your customers see your products.

Different types of casters are seen as the best options for different types of products and equipment. One of the most universally used brands by top OEMs, fabrication companies and even repair services is Albion casters.

Specialized Company

As a specialized caster and wheel manufacturer, the company has the right Albion casters for any type of equipment. They provide parts for Michigan automotive, aerospace, boat manufacturing, hospitality and service carts, waste management containers and all types of processing system requirements.

In addition to an exceptional line of standard types and sizes of casters, the company also offers specialty casters, spring loaded casters and pneumatic casters capable of handling loads of up to 30,000 pounds.

Maintenance and Wear Considerations

The quality manufacturing and the use of the most durable materials including forms and stainless steel with heat treated and zinc plated casters for increased corrosion resistance means these are very low maintenance types of options.

There are even maintenance-free Albion casters and shock absorbing and ergonomic casters to consider with frequent use equipment or specialized, sensitive equipment such as diagnostic equipment used in hospitals and treatment facilities.

Taking the time to review the options in casters and to choose the design, features, and style suit the specific equipment needs is essential. While specialized casters may cost a few cents more than discount brands or standard options, they can be instrumental in making equipment easier to move, safer to transport and less difficult to pull or push over any surface type.

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