The Benefits You Gain From Using Wax for Your Coatings Needs

by | Feb 4, 2022 | Business

If you are in the habit of using any sort of coating on your products, no matter what industry you are in, you’re probably looking for the best way to make these coatings last as long as they can. There are a lot of great reasons why coatings manufacturers use wax additives to enhance their products.


When the wax is used with coatings on wood, it helps to protect the resistance to scratches that wood naturally has. It also adds to abrasion resistance. It also improves the aspect of being able to be sanded and can give it a feeling of “softness.”


Wax is added to cans for the purposes of protection. When undergoing periods of long-distance travel or being processed on high-speed production lines, the cans may be damaged without a protective coating. The wax is incredibly lightweight so there are no worries about added cost to the product.

Digital Print Inks

When inks are used to print from a digital source, they must be specially processed. By using wax additives, the ink becomes more resistant to rubbing and also has less of a chance to exhibit “blocking.” Even though wax is being used, it does not affect the gloss of the ink in any significant way.


Powder coatings have a tendency to cake if they are not properly treated. To prevent this from happening, wax additives are used. These additives also help to prevent slippage and impact damage when handling anything coated in the industrial powder.

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