The Heart to Look for In Syracuse, NY, When Your Heart is At Stake

Women-Owned and Proud of It

Danlee Medical Products is a woman-owned company with your heart at the center of its service. Their finite attention to every aspect of running cardiology and related supply business has earned them a name for themselves. They have been certified as a business owned by women as well as being recognized as a top manufacturer of Holter monitors. They offer charting paper for a variety of equipment to keep in paper medical charts.

Who They Serve

Cardiologists make up the largest portion of the customer base at Danlee Medical Products, Inc. Patients are also encouraged to purchase their equipment and supplies from the company. Medical practices of all types are welcome though most physicians’ purchases are cardiology related.

What Products Are Available

Blood pressure cuffs are frequent purchases by patients to help with ongoing treatment and/or monitoring. Also available are supplies needed for diagnosing problems like charting paper for EKG machines to be put on paper medical charts. Cardiologists and other medical professionals are in constant need of PPE such as masks, gloves and one-time use gowns as well as cardiac-specific equipment like defibrillator supplies.

When You’re Ready to Have a Heart to Heart

Danlee Medical Products, Inc., thrives on being the company you turn to when its time to order cardiology equipment and supplies for your practice. Please point your patients to Danlee as well. They are welcome and will benefit from the special attention they receive. Please see Danlee’s website for more information at



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